I’m an interdisciplinary creator in the fields of creative strategy, design, storytelling and cultural production.

I offer strategic consulting, creative direction and workshops for creative enterprises and independent professionals that help lay the “DNA” blueprint to create a clear, meaningful and powerful identity or brand.


The results resonate well beyond the life of the project – informing the overall intention, tone and trajectory, while still remaining fluid, evolutionary, upgradable and adaptive.



I call this Identity Architecture.

About Me

WHO AM I?   I learned at an early age to re-train my brain to learn in a way that was effective for me. This has resulted in a career and life path touching upon different disciplines: art, branding, design, writing, business, science, dance and body knowledge. When you begin your life as a dyslexic person you quickly learn that you don’t quite register the world around you like everyone else does. Instead you need to adapt, adjust and achieve in creative and vastly divergent ways from the norm.



INNOVATION requires the ability to leap over old ways of thinking and to learn quickly how to navigate new worlds. After receiving my BFA from The School of the Art Institiute of Chicago and an MFA from Maryland Institute, College of Art, I spent my early professional years navigating the intersection of contemporary art and the tech start up scene the while living in San Francisco. The internet wave of the late 1990s lead me to developing branding, packaging and web design for everything from software companies to non-profits. Yet all the while I kept one foot firmly planted in the world of contemporary art, creating it, exhibiting and writing for journals and magazines.

CURIOSITY provides me the fuel to learn and grow. Moving to Berlin in 2000 gave me an opportunity to live in another culture and challenge myself in the role of Creative Director for the boutique think tank Arthesia. In this position I became skilled in developing brand concepts and storytelling toolkits while working closely with clients including Deutsche Bank, PriceWaterhouse Coopers and Swiss Re.



CREATIVITY is the seed of my entrepreneurship. I founded Blixa 6 Studios and since 2003, it’s bloomed into an award-winning design boutique providing brand development, creative direction and identity design for independent entrepreneurs, diverse businesses, scientific institutions and non-profit organizations. I’ve also taught at various art & design colleges and speak on various topics from identity creation to digital business models.



COMMUNITY is vital to me. How we communicate and connect to each other are essential tools for life. I spend a considerable about of my time and skills supporting non-profit arts and cultural programs. Most notably, since 2004, I’ve been contributing design, strategy, ambassadorship and curatorial work for the Berlin-based dance performance series LUCKY TRIMMER e.V.

What Clients Say


Amy is able to listen & help YOU come out with the right ideas


We were starting as a concept–not even a magazine, let alone a publishing company–and Amy was there to pull our thoughts together and help us transform them into more concrete ideas. Instead of walking in with a ready-made strategy that may or may not fit what your company might be looking for, she works from the ground up to build a structure that works for you and your team.

Dr. Peter Hessen | Founder, Sugarhigh Publishing
Dr. Cornelia Kleinitz

Working with Amy is a deeply satisfying experience


By asking questions in the most productive manner Amy helped to structure our unformed thoughts and ideas, and put us on a track where vagueness was peeled away and the essence was uncovered of what the brand identity and its ‘story’ should be. She helped us find the right visual message and ‘voice’ for addressing both the scientific community and the global public with a highly functional yet also a stand-out presentation both online, in presentations and in print.

Professor Dr. Cornelia Kleinitz | Archaeologist, Humboldt Universität, The Musawwarat Graffiti Archive

Amy is a big picture talent excelling in strategy, branding, writing & design.


She is an exceedingly talented creative with outstanding analytic skills, conceptual development and strategic design solutions. In our projects together Amy provided research into company, customers and competitors as part of the design process. Her outstanding work and understanding ranged from consumer products to biotech campaigns.


Arielle Basch | VP, Strategic Planning & Business Development, Omnicom Group

Blixa 6 Studios

Identity development & design

For over 15 years Amy has led this award winning design boutique providing branding, graphic design and creative direction to independent entrepreneurs, institutions and organizations. Since that time she has produced many large scale projects for clients including Katarina Witt – the 2x Olympic gold medal winning figure skater, TEDx Berlin, Telekom, The Max Planck Institute, Humboldt University’s Institute of Archaeology and The University of Applied Sciences in Berlin to name a few.


Since 2012, Blixa 6 Studios has evolved to include a digital art resource for artists, designers and businesses, providing “raw” graphic materials to enhance new creative works. Through online marketplaces she offers a deep catalogue of licensable digital graphics and templates for personal and business purposes.


All the while Amy continues to provide creative strategy and bespoke design services for a handful of select clients. By fostering deep understanding and trust, Amy’s client relationships tend to become strategic partnerships that last for years, coming together to develop new projects and gain fresh perspectives.



Amy speaks on a variety of topics for educational and professional audiences. Weaving personal stories with scientific findings and bespoke methodologies for identity development, her talks inform and inspire, motivating change and personal action.


The Science
Super Powers

Identity Architecture

Branding for a New Era
Intentional Design
Building Blocks & Blueprints of Identity


New Sciences

Morphic Fields
Quantum Physics

Case Studies

Lucky Trimmer

Dance Performance Series

2004 – Present


Identity Development & Strategy

Since 2004 Amy has contributed to the Berlin based dance performance series Lucky Trimmer. This internationally renowned dance festival features short format pieces of 10 minutes or less from artist around the world. In this entirely volunteer based enterprise she participates in the curatorial board, strategic development and international ambassadorship, while also leading the brand development, cult posters and promotion designs.

Mograt Island

Archaeological Mission

2014 – 2018


Identity Development & Design

The Mograt Island Archaeological Mission began working on the island, located in the Sudanese Nile, in 2013. The aim: to study Mograt’s archaeology and contribute to writing the history of the island. In order to enter into a dialogue with everyone interested in the island’s heritage, including archaeologists, local residents and the diverse range of visitors to the island from Sudan and abroad, Amy was brought in to work closely with the leadership team of archaeologists at Humboldt University, Berlin, developing an overarching visual identity and several communication tools including website, book and others.

Gisbert Pöppler

Architektur | Interieur

2006 – Present


Concepts, Storytelling & Strategy

Working together off-and-on for well over 10 years, Gisbert calls on Amy for participation with the architecture studio on many levels. Whether creating special project concepts, invoking the brand voice for web and print communications or acting in an advisory role for the strategic development of the business itself, Amy’s contributions to Gisbert Pöppler’s business have played an important role in the company’s ongoing growth.

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